North Korea Could Soon Have Branches of McDonalds

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North Korea is keen to welcome American investment, according to diplomats In recent weeks, relations between North and South Korea have made unprecedented progress, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un making a historic step across the border in order to open a dialogue with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-In. The events, the prospect of which would have been laughable …

Russell Brand's mother has sustained "life-threatening" injuries in the crash

Russell Brand Cancels Tour After Mother Suffers “Life-threatening” Car Crash

Karibu Staff Culture, News

Russell Brand’s current tour, ‘ReBirth’ has been cancelled with immediate effect The popular British comedian and activist Russell Brand has cancelled the remainder of his ReBirth tour after his mother, Barbara, sustained “life-threatening” injuries in a car crash. The crash took place on Friday, and had already lead to the short-notice cancellation of Russell’s show in Aberdeen. Until today, it …