North Korea Could Soon Have Branches of McDonalds

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North Korea is keen to welcome American investment, according to diplomats

In recent weeks, relations between North and South Korea have made unprecedented progress, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un making a historic step across the border in order to open a dialogue with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-In.

The events, the prospect of which would have been laughable just weeks ago, have led to Kim Jogn Un vowing to shut down his country’s nuclear test site.

Now, in a genuinely baffling turn of events, it has now been revealed that Kim Jong Un, who was the arch enemy of the neoliberal west just weeks ago, is now keen for US investment to flow into the communist state.

Chung In Moon, special adviser to President Moon Jae-in, has been quoted as saying that American fast food giant (and beacon of capitalism) McDonalds could even set up outlets in Pyongyang, as tensions between North Korea and the West begin to thaw.

“They want American investment,” he said. “They want American investment coming to North Korea.

“They welcome American sponsors and multilateral consortiums coming into North Korea.”

North Korea set to welcome US investment

He even added that building a Trump Tower might be a possibility for future “modern” North Korea.

Relations between North Korea, a secluded communist state ravaged by starvation, and South Korea, their wealthy, technologically-advanced neighbours, have been tense for decades.

There was symbolic progress between the two nations with the Seoul games, which was attended by dignitaries from North Korea and the United States. During the games, athletes from North and South Korea competed under the same flag. With official talks yet to commence, it is not clear whether reunification of the two countries is on the table, but denuclearisation of the North certainly will be.

Even this time last week, the prospect of McDonalds franchises in North Korea would have been so absurd as to belong in an Armando Ianucci satire. However, it looks like that’s exactly where we are.

In a passing statement, North Korean officials said they wanted their regime to become a “normal country” and brought up the possibility of a “McDonalds-style” US investment.

The North Korean leader is expected to meet with US president Donald Trump in May. The location of the talks has not been confirmed, but it is believed it will be either Singapore or Mongolia.

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