Neil Diamond’s Fans Donate Their Ticket Money to Parkinson’s Charities

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Neil Diamond’s Fans Make An Amazing Gesture After News of Tour Cancellation Earlier This Week

Last week, the veteran singer Neil Diamond announced that he would be cancelling the third leg of his 50th Anniversary tour, and effectively retiring from live performances, due to a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Diamond had already toured arenas in his native USA and across Europe, including London, Munich and Belfast. The third and final leg of the tour had been due to take place in Australia and New Zealand, but has now been cancelled.

Upon announcing the news, Diamond and his wife Katie made public statements saying how overwhelmed they were with the love and supportive messages that had come from fans, who were refunded the price of their tickets for the upcoming shows.

Now, Diamond has been moved to express his gratitude again, as many of those fans have decided to donate their ticket money to Parkinson’s research foundations.

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His wife Katie took to Twitter to keep fans updated on the good news: “I’ve received a bunch of messages from people in Aus & NZ who are donating their ticket refunds to good causes: Parkinson’s research, animal rescue groups, fire victim funds, etc.,” she tweeted. “My heart is so full of joy to see this silver lining. Faith in humanity = restored. Thank you!”

“This makes me smile. Thank you. Thank to you everyone for your outpouring of love and support. It makes a difference,” Diamond wrote on Twitter, while retweeting the news from his wife Katie.

The 77-year-old songwriter canceled the remaining legs of his 50th Anniversary tour, citing his doctor’s advice that such an undertaking would not be wise with his condition. Despite his plan to retire from live performances, he emphasized that he had plans to “remain active in writing, recording and other projects for a long time to come.”

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