Lord of the Rings looks set to be adapted for TV

‘Lord of the Rings’ set for TV Adaptation

Karibu Staff Film/TV, News

Web Giant Amazon are Reported to Already be in Talks with Tolkien’s Estate

JRR Tolkien’s epic The Lord Of The Rings is set to be adapted into a TV series, according to reports by Variety, who claim that Amazon wants to produce a TV adaptation of the books. Variety claim that Amazon are in talks with Tolkien’s estate, with a view to acquiring the rights to produce a new episodic TV series, which would presumably run exclusively on Amazon Prime.

It is thought that Warner Bros are also interested in securing the rights to produce the series, although, at the time of writing, both Amazon and Warner Bros have declined to officially comment on the matter.

It is claimed in the aforementioned report that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is known to be a keen science fiction fan, is personally involved in the negotiations. Doubtless inspired by the long-running success of fantasy series Game of Thrones, and the ongoing popularity of the Lord of the Rings universe, Amazon will be seeking to claim their share of the sci-fi market, as well as attracting new users to Amazon Prime. Still, whoever secures the rights, the project looks to be a monumental task, due to the expansive nature of the original novels, as well as the high expectations of the Lord of the Rings fanbase.

The initial Peter Jackson trilogy of film adaptations, which started with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, was largely well-received by fans and critics alike, and grossed over $3 billion at the box office. That staggering figure was matched by the preceding The Hobbit trilogy, starring Martin Freeman, which concluded in 2014 with The Battle of the Five Armies. The demand is certainly there, but can any TV studio do artistic justice to Tolkein’s creation? Only time will tell.