Jaden Smith to Make a Movie Based on his Debut Album

Karibu Staff Film/TV, Music

The Living Meme will Produce a Movie Based on ‘Syre’

Jaden Smith, son of  squeaky-clean rap icon Will Smith, will produce a movie based on his debut album, he revealed in an interview with Billboard magazine. The album, titled Syre, was released earlier this month to mixed reviews, and included a feature from A$AP Rocky.

“(Visuals are) where SYRE’s true colors (lie),” he tells Billboard. “It’s an actual film that plays out that has characters… It’s just about the story of Syre.”

Jaden, who is still only 19, has been working on SYRE for the last 3 years. “It feels good to have it out into the world,” he says. “It’s been a long three years.”

The teenager has become a meme sensation for his prolific use of Twitter, which he uses to impart his deep, resounding wisdom upon the world:

SYRE is about more than money, too. Ever the social iconoclast, Jaden also hopes his ambitious project can help combat the misogyny in hip hop that he feels is degrading the genre.

“Everybody tries to rap the same and talk the same way and be misogynistic in the same way – it’s annoying,” he says. “My mom taught me different values. And my sister teaches me different things every day. My sister and my girlfriend and my mom… all of these women in my life show me what it’s like to be a woman and how much I don’t understand, and how hard it can be sometimes…”

Stay woke, Jaden.

Of course, this will not be Jaden’s first foray into the movie world. He has already held leading roles in The Pursuit of Happyness, The Karate Kid, and After Earth.

It’s not yet known who will appear in the SYRE movie, or whether it will have any kind of cinematic release, or whether it will actually happen. All we know is, our lives will not be complete until it does.