Christopher Eccleston will be charging £95 for autographs at this year's LFCC

Christopher Eccleston Under Fire For Charging £95 Per Autograph

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Christopher Eccleston to cash in on Doctor Who fame after years of distancing himself from the show

This year’s London Film & Comic Con is set to take in late July, and nerds from all over the country (and indeed the globe) will be gleefully flocking to London to mingle with the stars of their favourite movies and TV shows.

It’s a fairly well-established premise that the vast majority of stars at these kind of events will charge for an autograph. After all, it needs to be worth their time, and if the fans are willing to fork over the cash, then who are we to stop them?

However, the price that former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston is charging have raised a few eyebrows. A simple autograph will set you back £95, and a photo with him will cost £85, or £95 for a photo with the exterior of The Tardis. Then there’s the ‘diamond package’, which includes a guaranteed autograph, photo, and a commemorative mug, will cost you an eye-watering £235 (around $330 USD).

To put that in context, Peter Capaldi, the most recent Doctor Who star before the arrival of current Doctor Jodie Whittaker, will be charging £75 an autograph at the same event, while Lucy Davies of The Office fame charges a mere £20. American rock legend Meat Loaf is charging £120 for his diamond pass.

Predictably, Eccleston’s pricing didn’t go down too well with fans, who took to Twitter to voice their discontent.

However, there was one user who was keen to emphasise that this naked profiteering is not indicative of Christopher Eccleston’s character, and posted this heartwarming clip that Eccleston had recorded for a sick child:

What makes this LFCC appearance even more interesting is that, since his departure from the beloved sci-fi show, he has been very keen to distance himself from it.

In fact, a presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday commented that, when she had interviewed Eccleston in previous years, his publicist always stressed before the interview began that the actor would not discuss Doctor Who. In fact, if you did try to ask him about it, he would most likely walk out.

But now, it seems like the call of the green is just too much to resist, and Eccleston will meet with long lines of Whovians at this year’s event, and presumably leave with a sack full of cash.

Eccleston has had a long and critically-acclaimed acting career, including the starring role in cult favourite Shallow Grave and hit Hollywood movies such as The Others. However, none of these roles have had a bigger profile than his one series as The Doctor back in 2005.

There’s nothing wrong with a man making money from his name, but it takes a pretty hardcore Doctor Who fan to fork out this much for a brief meeting with a man who has gone to so much effort to distance himself from the franchise.

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