John Hopkins makes a welcome return with new album 'Singularity'

Album Review: Jon Hopkins – ‘Singularity’

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Destination anywhere-but-ambient, as Jon Hopkins’ spaceship opens its door once more The word “prolific” doesn’t even come close to describing the career of English DJ, producer and electro maestro Jon Hopkins. Perhaps dropping his fifth studio album in 17 years doesn’t sound like a lot. But once you factor in his singles, remixes, touring, DJ sets, production and soundtrack work, …

North Korea Could Soon Have Branches of McDonalds

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North Korea is keen to welcome American investment, according to diplomats In recent weeks, relations between North and South Korea have made unprecedented progress, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un making a historic step across the border in order to open a dialogue with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-In. The events, the prospect of which would have been laughable …

Russell Brand's mother has sustained "life-threatening" injuries in the crash

Russell Brand Cancels Tour After Mother Suffers “Life-threatening” Car Crash

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Russell Brand’s current tour, ‘ReBirth’ has been cancelled with immediate effect The popular British comedian and activist Russell Brand has cancelled the remainder of his ReBirth tour after his mother, Barbara, sustained “life-threatening” injuries in a car crash. The crash took place on Friday, and had already lead to the short-notice cancellation of Russell’s show in Aberdeen. Until today, it …

Dirty Computer: Read our review of Janelle Monae's new album on Karibu

Album Review: Janelle Monae – ‘Dirty Computer’

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On ‘Dirty Computer’, Janelle Monáe cements her status as an art-pop auteur, without quite sparking a revolution Hype and fanfare in the lead-up to the release of Janelle Monáe‘s third album Dirty Computer was rife and boisterous. A list of guests on the record was rumored to have included the late Prince, and Monáe has been hoisted up – rightly …

Pinkus Abortion Technician: Read the review of the new Melvins album on Karibu

Album Review: Melvins – ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’

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On ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’, Melvins reaffirm their hard-earned reputation as playful and unpredictable anarchists You’ll have done well to keep up with The Melvins’ relentless pace over the past decade or so. Now on their seventh album in five years, even hardcore fans could be forgiven for having missed out on a release here or there. Quantity over quality? Well, …

Trump and Giuliani produced a drag skit for an event in 2000

WATCH: That Time Trump Motorboated Rudy Giuliani in Drag

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Trump and Giuliani produced a skit that is the stuff of nightmares Since his inauguration in 2017, President Trump has been subject to endless accusations over alleged Russian interference in the election that won him the White House. Trump, of course, denies any such wrongdoing, or collusion between the Kremlin and his presidential campaign, and has assembled a team of …

Christopher Eccleston will be charging £95 for autographs at this year's LFCC

Christopher Eccleston Under Fire For Charging £95 Per Autograph

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Christopher Eccleston to cash in on Doctor Who fame after years of distancing himself from the show This year’s London Film & Comic Con is set to take in late July, and nerds from all over the country (and indeed the globe) will be gleefully flocking to London to mingle with the stars of their favourite movies and TV shows. …

condom snorting is the latest teenage craze, according to mainstream media

Fox News Thinks That There Is A Condom Snorting Epidemic

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Condom snorting: the latest corrupter of American youth (apparently) If you cast your mind back to the ancient past of January, you will recall that, for a while, Tide Pods were a pretty hot topic. Bored youngsters on social media took it upon themselves to eat, snort, and even smoke the laundry capsules, which came to become known as ‘forbidden …