Comedians Joe Rogan and Bill Burr have reacted to Louis CK's sexual misconduct on their respective podcasts

Bill Burr and Joe Rogan React to Louis CK’s Sexual Misconduct (Video)

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The Two Popular Comedians Responded to the news on their Respective Podcasts

American comedians Joe Rogan and Bill Burr have responded to the news that Louis CK admitted to the complaints of sexual misconduct made against him in a recent New York Times report. Both Rogan and Burr have known CK for decades, having started their stand-up careers on the same comedy club circuit in Boston and New York.

In the video above, Joe Rogan speaks on the issue as the host of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The popular show launched at the end of 2009, and has since become one of the world’s most listened-to podcasts, with high-profile guests appearing regularly. The 1000th episode of the podcast was released earlier this year.

Bill Burr, an equally popular comedian who has had multiple Netflix specials and acted in the smash hit series Breaking Bad, also weighed in on the saga, going even more in depth on the subject. Speaking on his popular Monday Morning Podcast, he condemns the actions of CK, whilst at the same time bemoaning the social media “witch hunt” that has taken place in its wake.

Burr refers specifically to the allegations that CK’s manager Dave Becky, who also managed Bill Burr at one point. Becky recently made a statement to Deadline, in which he apologised for not taking complaints about the behavior of his client seriously enough. Bill Burr is a longtime friend of CK, and has also appeared on Joe Rogan’s aforementioned podcast.

Louis CK admitted that the series of incidents were true, in an online statement he made on the day after the NYT report came out. He has since cancelled scheduled talk show appearances, as well as several filming projects he was working on at the time, including a new movie titled I Love You Daddy. CK’s once-popular comedy specials are no longer available to view on Netflix.